Whether it’s a one-off project or a large production run, Creative Roots is the name you can trust for high-quality laser cutting and engraving solutions in Dubai. We seek to help our customers bring their ideas to life and communicate with their target audience more effectively. Creative Roots renowned within the industry for the use of Genentech CO2 Laser, a high-power machinery developed using the most modern technology to produce quality work within tight deadlines with a high level of accuracy. Our team is composed of professionals having the technical knowledge and expertise to work with a broad range of materials ranging from metal and ceramic to fabrics and acrylic. We genuinely believe that good design is and always will be an effective promotional strategy. We place a high level of importance on customer service, and our client base has been built up through our unique level of care, communication, and excellent results.

It is a precision cutting technique that uses a high power laser machine to create complex method on a wide range of materials. The Genentech laser is used in Dubai engraving art to slices the complex into simpler materials such as decorative screens, 3D singles, LED letters. We can design and engrave according to their needs. We use thickness from 0.5mm to 100mm for perfect finishing. Highly-demanding in the modern art gallery in Dubai 2020.

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