Calligraphy is considered one of the most ancient and valued art forms worldwide. Unfortunately, the practice and value of calligraphy have decreased in numerous parts of the world. However, this more than 2,000-year-old custom remains as effervescent and revered in Arabic culture. In the modern world, when the ubiquity of words seems to wane their value, Arabic calligraphy is still essential for many people.

The young generation loves to attend seminars held on calligraphy logos, such as the upcoming events going to be held in Dubai. Arabic Calligraphy logos in Dubai are getting people’s attention because of their uniqueness. Though people like English Calligraphy Logo as well but Arabic Calligraphy Logo is famous due to their strong connection with history.

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Arabic calligraphy is the creative practice of writing Arabic scripts by hand in a fluid manner to express harmony, elegance, and beauty. Teachers use formal and informal methods to pass these skills to their students and use twenty-eight letters of the Arabic alphabet. The first step is to start writing from right to left. In its initial stages, this was just a practice to make the students’ writing clearer and more understandable. But with time, it gradually became an Islamic Arab art for customary and modern works.

The uniqueness of the Arabic script offers infinite possibilities to stretch the letter and transform it in numerous ways. The traditional techniques used to create Arabic Calligraphy logos in Dubai use reeds, bamboo stems for the qalam, and other writing instruments.

The best calligraphy services provider, such as Calligraphy logo services in Dubai, uses markers, synthetic paint, and spray paint. Though there is a difference in the use of instruments and materials; as a result, it creates unique Arabic calligraphy. After learning about Arabic calligraphy, we will discuss some essential types of Arabic calligraphy fonts.

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Arabic Calligraphy is not only an art but also has its religious importance. For Muslims learning and doing calligraphy is a source of God's blessings. Even non-Muslims are now getting attracted to this form of art and attending a seminar held in several countries.

Dubai is on the top list for conducting such meetings and is famous for using Arabic calligraphy logos. There is a massive list of upcoming events in the UAE based on Arabic calligraphy logo design. If you are fond of Arabic calligraphy, you can check one from Arabic calligraphy logos in Dubai.